Frequently ask questions

To get a service, you need to contact us or book an appointment via our website or mobile application.

In an emergency, make a call to get our service. You will need nothing else for an emergency.

As we are giving an appointment-based service, you need to make an appointment. After that, our facility manager will contact you to let you know the maintenance schedule of your vehicle.

After every service, we will provide you a report of your vehicle, and we will add the next expected service date in the report. You will get an email and also a physical report.

Other questions

You need to make a call, and we will provide the best mechanic in the town.

Yes, there is a mobile application to make your services more available.

Yes, there are various membership options. You can take which is suitable for you.

We provide every service with monitoring every detail; we cross-check every available detail to ensure everything is all-right. We provide a detailed report after every service, and we maintain service and payment methods with clarity. And booking service is too easy for anyone.

Special models

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